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The benefits of an intensive driving course

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One of the biggest benefits of an intensive driving course is the shorter time period required to attain your goal. Often, people who undertake a course will have a week booked off work, or will be close to returning to school or university. Instead of learning over a period of six, eight or even twelve months, An ever increasing number of people prefer to learn to drive in a shorter timeframe, meaning that process can be done and dusted over one or two weeks.

Another major advantage is the ultimate cost; Intensive courses differ in cost depending on previous experience and the client’s ability to learn a new task; however, if you’re able to pay a lump sum and commit to an intensive course they often work out a lot cheaper than conventional weekly lessons.

Learning to drive can be overwhelming for some, Intensive courses tackle this head-on, gradually increasing your confidence and ability on the road as every day passes.

We have a choice of courses to suit all levels if you feel the courses listed are not suitable to you please contact us for further information

We do not offer false “guaranteed pass” or “free retest “claims that could actually cost you lots more

Our course prices

We accept payment by cash, bank transfer and all major credit and debit cards.

  • £475.00

    12 hours (3 day course):

    Ideal for someone who is very close to test standard or a learner who has previously taken a driving test; the course consists of 6 hours per day over 2 days and the test is normally booked for the third day. This course may be available over the weekend.

  • £645.00

    18 hours (3/4 day course):

    This course is ideally suited to a learner driver who has reached a very good standard of driving but still requires professional tuition to reach the standard required to pass the driving test.

  • £845.00

    24 hours (4/5 day course):

    This is our most popular course, the training is carried out over 4 days at 6 hours per day with the driving test on the 5th day, the course is ideal for a new driver who has mastered the basic controls of the car and requires professional tuition during practice to reach test standard.

  • £1045.00

    30 hours (5/6 day course):

    An intensive course to suit someone who has had a few hours of previous tuition and perhaps had some private lessons with family of friends, ideally suited to a confident novice that has very limited previous experience but feels that they are capable of learning quickly.

  • £1195.00

    36 hours (6/7 day course):

    An intensive course to suit someone who has had little if any previous tuition, on this course you will be trained as an absolute beginner and taken through the whole driving syllabus. This course may be increased in hours and delivered over a longer period to suit the client.

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