Driving Lessons

Introductory Lessons

Assessment Lesson

How many driving lessons do you need?

You want to pass fast and wont to know how many hours you need and how long it will take, you may feel ready for a test and want a second opinion or you feel like your instructor isn’t getting the best out of you and you need a targets and a timescale.

To ensure we offer value for money we prefer to conduct an assessment lesson so your instructor can gauge your skills and ability and to advise you as to which course would be best suited for you.

With Absolute beginners we strongly recommend an assessment before booking a course.

Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses our speciality

For over ten years we have specialised on delivering intensive driving training courses in Inverness and surrounding area.

Over the years we have successfully completed hundreds of intensive courses resulting in our clients reaching their objective of gaining the confidence and ability to pass their driving test within 1 or 2 weeks and we’re confident that we can also help you quickly and safely obtain your full UK driving licence.

Refresher Lessons

Refresher Lessons

These lessons are structured for drivers who may have not driven for a period of time or for drivers who have moved from outlying into urban areas and wish to hone their skills in busier environments.

Why choose us?

Wide Experience

Wide Experience

Our wide experience and successful history gives us the confidence that irrespective of your level of competency, we can guide you to test success in a structured and safe manner.

Affordable Quality

Affordable Quality

Driving tuition is a big commitment; we have courses and options ranging from a block of refresher lessons to complete courses for the absolute beginner all at affordable prices.

We aim to provide you with quality courses at competitive prices arranged to suit your location and schedule.

Mock Courses

Mock Tests

Nearing the end of your intensive course we will conduct mock tests that replicate actual test conditions in route, structure intensity thereby demonstrating what level will be expected of you. A mock test is the perfect way to get an insight into what will actually happen on test day; not only do mock test help prepare you for your driving test; they will also highlight areas that require our attention in order for you to be successful on your test.

Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus Course

We are fully experienced and registered to deliver the Pass Pluss course. This course is a practical training based with a minimum of six hours delivered in 3 sessions covering topics which are designed to improve your skills and make you a safer driver.

No Stress

No Stress courses

Learning to drive can be scary and its perfectly normal to feel stress or anxiety, we aim to ensure that learning to drive on one of our courses is not only safe and cost effective but enjoyable for you and carried out in a calm relaxed and friendly atmosphere while Progressing at a pace that best suits your aptitude and ability.

Eco Driving

Eco Driving

Eco driving is a driving style that is both ecological and economical. During your lessons, you will be encouraged to drive in a manner which will save you money on fuel and reduce the amount of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere.

DSA safe driving for life
driving standards agency approved instructor
Pass Plus Approved